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Friday, April 25 2014 @ 05:25 AM EDT

Candy Drive


Candy Drive


Our annual candy drive will begin on Friday, April 27th!  We will kick it off with an assembly and boxes of candy will be distributed to your child at the end of the day.  If you have more than one child in the school the candy will be distributed to the oldest child.  We ask that each family sell at least one box of candy.  Each bar is $2.  Once you sell one box, please return the $60.00 in an envelope with your child’s name and classroom on the envelope.  No money will be accepted unless it is returned in a clearly marked envelope (this will prevent any confusion).  Once you have turned in all your money for your box of candy, you may request another box by sending a note in with your child.  Our goal as a school is to sell 500 boxes of candy.  This will be super easy if everyone does their part!  Also, if we reach our school goal of 500 boxes, MR. DEVENEY WILL KISS A LIVE PIG!!!  The top selling student will have their picture taken with Mr. Deveney and the Pig!

Party! Party!
Sell 2 Boxes- Come to an Ice Cream Sundae Party! (all students in the family)


Lucky Lollipops!
Sell 4 BOXES -Grab a Lucky Pop -win a prize!(one per family)
Plus Party! Party!

Stretch Limo Lunch Cruise!
Sell 6 Boxes- Go to pizza lunch in style!(all students in the family)
Plus-Lucky Lollipop!
Plus -Party! Party!

Giant 5 pound Hershey Bar!!
Sell 8 boxes-Grab a huge Hershey bar (one per family)
Plus- Limo Lunch Cruise!!
Plus-Lucky Lollipop
Plus Party! Party!

*All proceeds will be used to purchase new technology for the classrooms!

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